Wireless LAN, WAN & Hotspot Solutions

Just a few years ago, the Wi-Fi needs of hospitality were pretty simple: support guests sitting in their rooms, using
laptops for email and web surfing, and that was it. Now, itís a whole new ballgame: guests are streaming video,
moving about the property with smartphones and tablets, having video chats, accessing secure applications and
services. Whatís more, staff need to access mission-critical data and applications. As a result, hospitality Wi-Fi
needs to be more robust, more consistent, and higher performance.

Wi-Fi is the most requested guest amenity in todayís hospitality world. It has to be pervasive and consistent, and it
has to support the multitude of devices that guests and staff bring onto the property. We provide easy to install and
manage Wi-Fi Solutions which will help deliver guest satisfaction everywhere: in their room, in a meeting room or
conference space, in a stadium or event arena.

Your guests are happy and return more often. Happy Guests = Happy You.

Itís no secret: lousy Wi-Fi service makes for upset guests and can really hurt your business. We work with Wi-Fi
Technology Vendors with wireless solutions to deliver service thatís so reliable and you  keep your guests happy.
And happy guests are more likely to come back, more likely to tell their friends about their positive experience.

Our solution portfolio includes 802.11 b/g/n , 802.11 ac Access points, Antennas and Wi-Fi Controllers.

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