Multiscreen Video QoS and QoE Solutions
Offering multiscreen video services with the best Quality of Experience (QoE) is key to secure revenues and brand
reputation. It is also the most challenging matter to address:  viewing devices are highly fragmented, you do not
control the entire delivery network or own the devices.

Video Service Providers are increasingly relying on Content Delivery Network (CDN) infrastructures to stream
content using Adaptive Bitrate technologies (ABR). This introduces new challenges to measure and control the
quality really delivered to end-users, and calls for a new generation of monitoring technologies.

Managing video quality in unmanaged environments requires specific technologies and unconventional monitoring
architectures.  We provide unique end-to-end quality management solutions designed for these precise

Our  solutions are non-intrusive and capable of emulating users’ behaviors on any device, giving Service Providers
visibility on the availability and quality of video delivery to maximize customer satisfaction, sustain brand reputation
and build profitable OTT video services.

Service Providers can immediately identify missing profiles, manifest and chunk errors, detects loops in live
streams, points rebuffering risks, and highlights load balancing issues, for both on-net and off-net cache servers.

Measurements are automatically reported in analytic dashboards and geographic maps providing factual
information in real time to quickly identify issues per CDN node, CDN provider, ISP, asset, geography and more.
Real-time dashboards provide a precise view of quality at each step of the value chain, from content source, to the
content delivery network (CDN) and within the connected device. 

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