E2E Video Monitoring Solutions
As your trusted video quality assurance partner, Metis Technology provides industry-leading expertise and
solutions for end-to-end video service quality assurance to TV and Telecom operators. We accelerate operator
growth and profitability by enabling proactive quality and customer satisfaction management.

Headend monitoring
Headend sites are a crucial part of the digital TV service delivery chain, as problems arising here have the potential
to hit all viewers. Quality issues on the incoming feeds will have a direct effect on the delivered service quality that
needs to be handled by SLAs, and operators need to be able to perform instant problem discovery and structured
impact and root-cause analysis in order to minimize the end user impact.

The complex head-end environment has several stream and service transformation steps affecting the service
quality and integrity on different levels, which require a 'multi monitoring point' quality assurance strategy. The
monitoring locations entail different analysis capabilities and depth in order to secure the benefits of rapid problem
discovery, impact analysis and root-cause analysis. These requirements range from concurrently monitoring
availability and the IP and transport stream levels, all the way up to the most advanced levels of content monitoring,
including video encoding MOS, EBU R128 loudness, and much more.

End-to-end monitoring
The rising customer demands for quality of delivered video services, together with an ever-growing competition and
increased distribution complexity with new consumption models, drive the need for TV operators to systematically
manage service quality and customer satisfaction, to ultimately enable growth and profitability. Having a structured
approach to service assurance and empowering the entire organization with the right objective information and
tools is key to achieve the operational goals and customer growth.

An intelligent end-to-end quality monitoring solution, providing real-time insight into the quality of all delivered
services from the head-end to each individual subscriber, enables just that. With the real-time characteristics and
end-to-end coverage, it facilitates complete understanding and transparency to the operator in where problems
occur, their severity and of course customer impact. This knowledge can then be utilized by different parts of the
operator organization, from the NOC and service engineers to customer care and service development, to increase
operational efficiency, reduce OPEX and enable cost-efficient growth.

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