CDN & Caching Solutions
Thousands of online streaming sites like Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon are bringing a limitless mix of premium
and user generated video content to viewers everywhere.

Cable, broadband, and mobile internet service providers face increasing costs of bandwidth delivery to meet the
rapidly growing demand for online video and improved viewing experience, while being forced to invest heavily
into maintaining a robust network infrastructure.

Until now, operators have been unable to monetize the exponential growth of online video, while other members of
the video delivery value chain are reaping rewards from content delivered over their increasingly strained network

Today, network operators can take advantage of sophisticated, carrier-grade tools to truly own the core online
video delivery function in their networks. Carriers deploying a comprehensive video fabric solution to manage
OTT, VOD and Live streaming video in their networks achieve substantial CAPEX and OPEX savings on network
infrastructure and operations, reduce customer churn, discover new revenue streams and business opportunities,
and prepare their networks for the future of online video.

Leveraging our solutions portfolio,  you can manage and monetize video delivery in your  network.

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